mardi 5 janvier 2016

English only

English only, as I don't want my parents to worry. I just googled "Haldol lethal dose" and was directed to a site that is all about suicide. That's when I realised I don't want to die, I just want to make a call for help if I'm made to go back to the ESAT on thursday. I know I'm extremely lucky that such facilities exist, and not far from my home, but I can't stand the permanent anxiety. I have been living at night during my whole month of sick leave, as if I was awake during the day I was obsessing about what I'd be doing if I were at the ESAT, then obsessing about my stash of medication or the kitchen knives. Up till now, the fact that what I want is serious help, not death, contained me. But still, I bookmarked that site. What prevents me from acting on my fantasies more than anything else is the fact that I don't want to go to the hospital.

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  1. asking for help is important. I am with you in spirit and friendship. Reaching out and speaking truth is important. I hope that as Spring returns you will find some peace and solace.

    1. thank you; when I was at my psych appointment a patient of the unit went into cardiac arrest. They made me wait in a safe place, for obvious anonimity reasons, but I still saw the firefighters and the SAMU and the agitation. Made me pounder. I wouldn't want such thing to happen to my entourage. I'm on sick leave until the 3rd of February, I will have time to think about it more.

  2. Jolie chose (serre-cou ??) elle va être gâtée.
    (bon courage pour ce moment à passer) - hibiscus -

  3. Sais tu que si tes parents ont Google, il y a une traduction systématique

    Essaies quand même de vivre le jour, les jours rallongent & les fleurs arrivent (trop tôt c'est vrai!!)


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