lundi 11 janvier 2016

Up and down - ça va ça vient

Il y a des moments où ça va, et heureusement de plus en plus, mais j'ai mes moments noirs, comme celui du dernier billet. En particulier je vis la nuit car le jour m'angoisse. J'ai toujours le crochet pour m'aider à moins penser, cependant; voilà un choker en soie que je destine à ma prof de chant.

There are moments where I'm OK, and luckily they are more and more present, but I have my dark moments too, as last note can attest. In particular, I live at night because the days are making me anxious. I still have crochet to fill up my mind, though. So here is a little silk choker for my singing teacher.

6 commentaires:

  1. Beautiful job on the choker. I am pleased to hear things are getting a bit easier. I am with you - knitting is my solace. I have finished two projects already this year and am close to finishing a third wip left over from 2015 - then it is on to some new projects. Keep crocheting. Keep posting. I am here and listening.

  2. C'est très jolie, très bon travail ;)

    Aller des Bisous


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