jeudi 18 décembre 2014

I've got mail - Du courrier

Du courrier qui vient du Canada, une superbe carte venant de Mary-Anne.

Mail from Canada, a gorgeous card sent by Mary-Anne.

 Thank you so much, Mary-Anne :) We seldom exchange cards in my family, and only from vacation places in summer, not for Christmas, as my auntie died during the holidays. It feels lonely sometimes. So getting mail for Christmas means the world to me.

Malheureusement la mienne n'est pas aussi belle car j'ai dû me contenter de celles de mon marchand de journaux de quartier, car trop d'angoisse avec le monde des fêtes au centre commercial. Alors bien sûr, ce sont des gens super, d'ailleurs j'essaie de faire un pull à leur petite yorkie, mais les cartes c'est vraiment pas leur niche.

Unfortunately mine isn't as pretty as yours, as, as I'm anxious in the holiday crowds at our local mall, I had to make do with the cards from the little newsstand across the street. They are lovely people, as a matter of fact I'm trying to crochet a little sweater for their yorkie, but their business is magazines and newspapers and cigarettes and scratch cards and loto, not cards.

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  1. You are most welcome. I am glad I could brighten your friends are a blessing.


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