mercredi 12 novembre 2014


A few weeks ago I proposed an idea for a KAL to a Ravelry group : it was about knitting or crocheting your own personal Everest. THE thing that would take your most dedication. I don't know if there will be that KAL, but I can tell you what mine would be : figurative colourwork, cables or lace.

For colourwork, I'm thinking about those double knitting marvels like the Central Park Coat.

For cables, I'm thinking about the Enchanted Forest cardi by Donna Karan (look at the back!) or the Alexander McQueen-inspired skull sweater.

For lace, one big name comes to my mind : Sharon Winsauer! From dragonflies to dragons, or ballerinas or little birds, she's the queen of figurative lace.

But what I'd really really want (zig-a-zig-aaaaah[just joking. I've got the Spice Girls as earworms for a few days now]) is to make my own. Surely there is more to do? But I must confess I'm too tired and sleepy to even contemplate such a piece of work; it would be monumental even if I was feeling my best.

And you, what would be your personnal knitting Everest?

Il y a quelques semaines j'ai proposé une idée de KAL sur un groupe Ravelry : tricoter ou crocheter son propre Everest personnel. LA chose qui demanderait toutes vos ressources tricotesques. Je ne sais pas si le KAL aura lieu, mais je peux vous parler de mon Everest personnel : les jeux de couleurs, torsades ou dentelles figuratifs.

Pour la couleur, je pense à cette merveille de double knitting qu'est le Central Park Coat

Pour les torsades, l'Enchanted Forest de Donna Karan (c'est le dos qu'il faut regarder, avec son paysage) ou le pull à tête de mort inspiré d'Alexander McQueen.

Pour la dentelle, un seul nom : Sharon Winsauer! des libellules aux dragons, en passant par les ballerines ou les petits oiseaux, c'est la reine de la dentelle figurative.

Mais ce que je voudrais vraiment, c'est faire mon propre motif personnel. Sûrement, il y a plus à explorer? Mais avec ma fatigue ces temps-ci, je me vois encore moins réussir tel tour de force qu'en temps normal.

Et vous, quel serait votre Everest personnel?

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  1. Love this idea!! I would want to knit a sweater for myself. Everything I've started usually get taken by my mom. So I'd love to knit for me! I'm thinking Shalom Cardigan, Nati (not sure that's suits my figure) or a Pinwheel sweater.

    1. A pinwheel would be marvellous and it suits a lot of figures! Shalom too. I'm not familliar with Nati.

  2. My Everest is currently the sock yarn blanket I am making - not hard, but will take a year or so to complete.
    My Everest would be to knit a sweater for myself that fits and has lace and cables. If you decide to start the KAL let me know. I am totally in.

    1. I don't know if the KAL will happen, as the rav group changed its rules for KALs and now they must last 3 months. Clearly this is not enough for a huge project. I'll let you know if it happens :) it's in a french speaking group but I'm sure we could translate posts for those who only speak french or english. Or I could ask another group. Could be an excuse for more posts in the blogging group :)

  3. I love this idea! I'm rubbish at knitting to KALs so I wouldn't join in but enjoy it if you do it! I've written about my own knitting Everests over on my blog as I was inspired by this post!

  4. I think it would be knitting a full-sized blanket. I would get so desperately bored and want to give up before it was big enough to fit a baby. I've sort of been toying with the idea of making one for the living room, though, so maybe?


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