jeudi 6 novembre 2014

sensitive subject - Sujet sensible

For once I won't be posting fluff, and instead tell you about this obsession I have right now : I've been hospitalised twice already and these days I have an obsession with going back there. Not that I am glamourizing hospital, on the contrary, I really don't want to go. But I dream that a nurse is checking on me at night while I sleep, or that I get anxious because one can't open windows more than 10cm. I keep having flash-backs, despite the fact that I have very few memories of over there, because of my being heavily drugged and almost always sleeping. I keep remembering how my first roomate terrorized me, but that I refused to change room because oddly enough, she was my only social contact I had established there. I keep searching a good purse pattern, because I don't have a small cross body purse anymore and it's the only kind that you can wear all the time to keep your phone and moneypurse safe with you (as I don't smoke and can't give cigarettes, the only way I had found for others to tolerate me was offering them cofee from the vending machine from time to time). And I want to learn shuttle tatting because I remember I couldn't use needles out of the occupational therapy room. I wonder how I would be allowed a tiny steel crochet for the picots, though...
I'm able to cope with it, but it's like a smoke smell permeating everything in my life these days. Psych upped my med yesterday, so hopefully I will be get rid of this in a few days. Next appointment is in three weeks, I wonder how I will cope with that, though, it's too far away.

Cette fois-ci, pas de traduction française pour le moment.

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  1. I imagine there is something comforting about being in the hospital and having lots of people looking after you. It must feel like a safe place, which we all need sometimes. Regarding shuttle tatting - I learned how to do it this year through a Craftsy class. It is very easy and calming. You can buy shuttles that have a little tiny crochet hook on the tip of them, hopefully the hospital would allow that. If not, there are lots of things you can make without a hook - I like to make simple butterflies. They make me smile. :)


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