lundi 17 novembre 2014

Mid-term - Mi-temps

So, I've completed half of my Nablopomo challenge. I think I can congratulate myself on this, as I didn't know if I could last that long. Looking at my entries, there is as much knitting as I thought there would be, but far less fluff. Also, more serious posts than I would originally have thought two weeks ago. When I started a new blog, I wanted to avoid the personal stuff. Turns out I can't. The Net is really my only outlet, apart from my appointments with the psych. Sometimes I post only in English, not in French, if I don't want a few persons I know to read these entries, should they stumble upon my blog (so now that I have confessed it, I can't translate that post too...). Sometimes it's only in french, because I was too overwhelmed so my native language is the only one I can be coherent in. Sometimes it's in both...

But there is one thing I know for sure : those people who say Internet is the death of sociability as we know it, do they think about the socially-challenged, like me? Internet was a revolution for me. It allowed me to be far more social than I have ever been. It's not a traditional, face to face way to be social, that's for sure. But that's still social time. I'd be lost without Ravelry, as it is my go-to site when I feel social, or when I want to talk about a particular thing, as I know there is a group for everything. I'm less at-home on Facebook, as I only joined last year and I prefer the user-friendliness of Ravelry. Without that site, I would only have contact with my parents, my psych and my singing teacher.
I was especially thinking about this today because a FB friend I've chatted with for a year has blocked me. We shared very personal things but I think he resented the fact we only chatted via FB or SMS and that we never met or talked via phone (no innuendo there, he's gay and married). I still don't know what I feel about this. I'm sad because I appreciate him, but I'm still relieved because of the expectation of having to meet him one day, or phone him, to go outside of my comfort zone and maybe not meet his rather high standards...

And you, are you a socially apt person whose Internet use has enhanced your life, or another socially inapt peon like me? If you read this, I know there are chances you're not in the "back in the good ole day" partisans.

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  1. For what it's worth, when I read "niche" blogs, such as knitting ones, I never want to read JUST about knitting. I prefer blogs that also include personal posts, so I feel like I know about the person. It's what's so great about our little knitting community :)

  2. I think I am socially pretty savvy, but I prefer the variety of people I meet on the internet via blogging and fb, and ravelry. I think it is a fabulous venue and I can choose when to be social and when to not be. As an introvert I love these kinds of forums.


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